Phylamet: SCFA support complex due Aug 1

Available on backorder

SCFA microenema to support proper colonic pH and microbiome health.

A healthy microbiome has 11x more Gram + than Gram – bacteria.   As we age, this inverts to 2x more Gram – than Gram+ with disastrous effects.  SCFAs may support proper G+/G- ratios.



In order for good bacteria to be able to kill or suppress bad bacteria, stool ph must be 6.5 or below (5.7 optimal). Use these ph papers to test your stool ph. Press the paper to a damp part of the stool.  If the stool is dry, split the stool and sample from the center.  If feces sticks to the paper, brush it off with paper towel.  Paper must show dampness to read. Choose the darkest color that appears and check against color code.  Dark blue is 8 or more.  

Don’t be alarmed if you see worms in your stool.  IF you, consider our parasite protocol.

Ingredients:  A proprietary blend of sodium L lactate, sodium acetate, sodium butyrate, sodium propionate and sodium valerate.

It is very important to be hydrated when using Phylamet.  Drink 2 glasses of water before using

Discontinue if you experience lower back pain.  May not be suitable for those with kidney issues.

You may wish to consider these as well…


Ellagitannin and gallotannin may support increased G+ and decreased G- bacteria in the microbiome.


Panaceum contains 9 different oligosaccharides in a ratio that simulates a primitive hunter gatherer diet, giving your microbiome the nutrition it needs to operate at optimal health.


Healthy bile flow is part of a functioning microbiome.  Bile kills parasites, supports proper transit time and triggers antimicrobial production in the small intestine.  If you are working on your gut, consider Glytamins.

Lactimet is our ‘top down’ approach to short chain fatty acids.