For Basic Detoxification

Our basic one month detoxification protocol is Medicardium, Xeneplex, Glytamins and Lymplex.
Every night alternate one of the three suppositories and every day take 1 lymplex capsule.

For Circulation support

To support healthy circulation consider two boxes of Medicardium and two boxes of Notoplex. Day one, Medicardium, day two, Notoplex, day three rest. Continue for 2 months then reassess.

For Anti-aging support

Aging is associated with increased levels of soft tissue calcium, scarring and free radical damage. As such, you may want to consider one medicardium, one notoplex and one rejuvelon suppository once a week once you reach the age of 45.

For biofilms support

Biofilms are susceptible to being dissolved with the enzyme serrapeptase and essential oils so you may wish to consider Notoplex and Zoiben. Zoiben also contains bitters which may confuse biofilm quorum sensing (intelligence). Once the biofilm is disrupted, Ellagica may also be of help in supporting the body in dealing with pathogens.

For Parasite support

Parasites can live anywhere in the body. They dislike bitter compounds and serrapeptase. You may want to consider one bottle of Zoiben and one box of Notoplex.

For Prostate support

Consider one box of Medicardium, one box of Endosterol and one bottle of Ellagica. Day one, Medicardium, day two, Endosterol, day three no suppositories. Take 2 Ellagica each night. Continue for one month then reassess.

For Liver Detox

Consider one box of Xeneplex, one box of Glytamins and one Castorpatch set. Day one, Xeneplex, day two Glytamins, day three Castorpatch over the liver and abdomen. Repeat for 30 days then reassess.

Sexual rejuvenation

For sexual rejuvenation consider one box of Medicardium, one box of Endosterol, one box of Notoplex and Andropak. Alternate Medicardium, Endosterol and Notoplex every night for 30 days. Take 2 capsules of Andropak no more than twice a week 4-12 hours before intimacy.

Cautionary Notes


Any acute symptoms that a client experiences are most likely caused by hypocalcemia. 10 is considered a perfect calcium score on a blood chemistry but many people have calcium levels of 9.2 or lower. Since calcium free EDTA will temporarily lower blood calcium, people who are low in calcium to begin with will go to even lower levels and symptoms of their calcium deficiency will manifest. Consider giving them two teaspoons of calcium in a glass of water immediately and 1 teaspoon 12 hours before and after any other Medicardium usage. If a client experiences fatigue, consider adding calcium, zinc, chromium, manganese and cobalt in supplemental form. Hypocalcemia can be experienced as leg cramps or changes in heart rhythm.

Medicardium is a salt, and like any salt, if placed on an open cut it will sting. As such, Medicardium should not be used if a person has active hemorrhoids. Medicardium should be coated with Vaseline before use. Another option is to take another suppository first, wait 5 minutes then take Medicardium. The cocoa butter from the other suppository will coat the colon and help if stinging is present. Many people have hemorrhoids without knowing it. If medicardium is causing stinging that lasts for more than a few minutes, cease taking it for a few days to let the area heal.


People suffering from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) have been immensely helped by Xeneplex. Having said that, the first week after taking one Xeneplex suppository can be very hard for people with MCS. Know that the reaction will stop usually within 7 day. Then, take another suppository. The reaction should be much milder and shorter. Keep taking Xeneplex until you no longer get any difficult reaction and you will see incredible improvements in your MCS.


Clients will rarely see gallstones come out whole, but rather see them in their dissolved form as black or green slime in the stool. Reports of kidney stones being expelled are rare but do exist. Symptoms of intense detoxing including but not limited to fever, fatigue and feeling a sense of heat, dryness and squeezing near the liver. If any of these symptoms appear, stop taking Glytamins until symptoms are clear, then try again at less frequent intervals. Clients with low cholesterol (<160) may have bile deficiencies. You can give them 2 raw egg yolks a day to help rebuild their bile and cholesterol production.