Phylamet: SCFA Microenema

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SCFA microenema to support proper colonic pH and microbiome health.

A healthy microbiome has 11x more Gram + than Gram – bacteria.   As we age, this inverts to 2x more Gram – than Gram+ with disastrous effects.  SCFAs may support proper G+/G- ratios.



In order for good bacteria to be able to kill or suppress bad bacteria, stool ph must be 6.5 or below (5.7 optimal). Use these ph papers to test your stool ph. Press the paper to a damp part of the stool.  If the stool is dry, split the stool and sample from the center.  If feces sticks to the paper, brush it off with paper towel.  Paper must show dampness to read. Choose the darkest color that appears and check against color code.  Dark blue is 8 or more.  

Don’t be alarmed if you see worms in your stool.  IF you, consider our parasite protocol.

Ingredients:  A proprietary blend of acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid, lactic acid, sodium bicarbonate and purified water.

Basic Protocol:  Check stool ph with 6-8 ph nitrazine paper.  If pH is above 6.6, continue.  Pour entire  Phlyamet bottle into blender.  Increase blender speed to as high as it will go without splashing out of the blender.  Very slowly, add 1 tablespoon of locust bean gum (you will have to purchase this separately, we don’t sell it).   If using a glass syringe, lightly oil the plunger before assembling.  Once blended, heat over stove on low heat until simmering.  Once simmer is achieved, put in mason jar, seal and put in fridge.  Once it has cooled, it is ready to use.  Pull 20 ml to start into your enema syringe, remove the air from the syringe, lubricate the tip and take rectally.  To get phylamet into the descending colon. after injecting, first lay down with your hips elevated. After 3 minutes, lay on your left side. After another 3 minutes, lay on your back again with your hips elevated.  Do this once a day until stool pH goes to 6.5 or lower.  Once pH reaches 6.5 or lower, find minimum frequency that maintains proper stool pH.  Proper stool pH does not guarantee proper SCFA levels so  once your stool pH is correct, if Phylamet still makes you feel better, you may wish to continue as needed.  If pH does not shift to below 6.5, try the advanced protocol.

Advanced Protocol:  Stool pH that will not hold below 6.6 can indicate one of several issues.

1- Intestines not reabsorbing sodium bicarbonate.  In this case, consider Ancestral Supplements Small intestine and supplementing with our bicarbonate blend Napomaca.

2- Chronic fungal or parasitic infections generating alkaline ammonia.  Consider Ellagica and Zoiben respectively.

It is very important to be hydrated when using Phylamet.  Drink 2 glasses of water before using.

We recommend the use of the Truth Enema 50ml glass syringe available from the following vendor:  Remember to oil the plunger each time before using. is a plastic version that is less expensive.

Do not take without mixing with locust bean gum (or tara gum) 

Do not take more than once a day. 

Discontinue if you have any kidney pain or other discomfort.


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