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Here are two microscopic images of mouse muscle. The one on the left is a young mouse, equivalent to a 20 year old human. The one on the right is an older mouse, equivalent to an 80 year old human. You can count 20 healthy muscle cells on the left, but on the right, only 10 healthy muscle cells remain. The dark area is the scar tissue that has accumulated over the mouse’s lifespan. Of the 10 cells that remain, you can see that 4 are faded. These are senescent cells, that is, cells that are old, barely functioning and on their way to being to becoming scar tissue. Serrapeptase supports removal of scar tissue.

These two mice are the same age. The difference is that the younger looking mouse was genetically engineered to have senescent cells self destruct. No senescent cells… therefore no scar tissue either. It’s also unlikely that the younger looking mouse will ever develop cancer since many unwanted tissue growths develop out of senescent cells and scar tissue. While serrapeptase supports the body in the removal of scar tissue, ellagic acid (see our Ellagica product) supports the body in the removal of senescent cells.

In nature, there are periods of feast and famine. When food is not plentiful, the body breaks down its own tissue to meet metabolic needs. This auto-cannibalism is not haphazard however. Weak, damaged, senescent and dead cells are recycled first in a process called autophagy. In our culture however, for most of us, food is never farther away than the nearest refrigerator so most of us never go into autophagy. This leads to a build up of weak, damaged, senescent cells that we see and experience as aging. If you have the time and inclination to fast for 3 to 10 days once a year, or are willing to regularly miss meals and go hungry (intermittent fasting), autophagy can do wonders for your health and longevity. If fasting is not your preference, then serrapeptase is your next best option.

Iodine and selenium are trace minerals that are necessary for our health. They are plentiful in fish and seaweed but rarely found in our soil. Since many people limit their seafood consumption due to concerns over toxins in the ocean, (mercury and Fukushima radiation) most people are deficient in both of these important minerals. An iodine deficiency makes it more difficult for the body to heal properly, leading to the formation of scar tissue rather than actual tissue repair, whereas a selenium deficiency makes it more difficult for the body to keep scars from turning into pathological cells. On the other hand, selenium supplementation may support the reversion of pathological cells back to a more scar like material and iodine supplementation may support the reversion of scar like tissue back to normal tissue.  As such, consider adding supplemental iodine and selenium to your diet when using Notoplex.

Ingredients: High potency serrapeptase in a base of organic cocoa butter.

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