Metals and pesticides cause healthy fats, waxes and proteins to turn into rancid fats, toxic fats and prions.    Can cyclodextrins help?

An in depth teaching on the many vital roles your microbiome plays in your health.

Learn 8 secrets to maintaining a healthy microbiome.

Learn how the body defends itself against small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Are we all electron deficient? Electrons and your health part 1
Are oxalate crystals affecting your health? Electron and your health part 2
Can electrons protect us from 5G? Electrons and your health part 3
Can electrons remove toxic metal salts and crystals? Electrons and your health part 4
Biofilms are associated with 90% of all diseases. Learn how to deal with them.

Bitters are the medicinal parts of plants. Eating bitters makes you stronger.

Chemical detoxification requires 3 phases; oxidation, conjugation and excretion.

What is the best way to get rid of toxic metals?
An analysis of the top causes of death by age. All due to parasites and toxicity?
Superoxides, H202 and hydroxyl radicals cause aging. Learn what to do.

Learn how to support your body in dealing with heavy metals, toxic chemicals biofilms, parasites and scar tissue.

In the 22nd century aging may be curable.  What can we do to get there?

Protect your DNA.

How to make your own Autonosode homeopathics

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