Video Presentations

An introduction to many of the Remedylink products and how they all fit together. If you’re new to our products, this video is a good place to start.

Electron deficiencies and many seemingly healthy vegetarian foods can cause crystals to form in the body. Learn how crystals form and how to get rid of them.

Electrons may help detoxify, decrystallize, recycle antioxidants, protect against opportunistic infections and parasites, and more.   Learn how to supercharge your body with electrons in this video.

Want to know more? Each of these videos goes into more detail on specific topics you may find of interest.

Why are ants and naked mole rats immune to cancer?  How can we be more like them?
Biofilms are associated with 90% of all diseases. Learn how to deal with them.
What is the best way to get rid of toxic metals?
The thymus and pineal glands have spiritual functions.  Learn how to heal them.
What causes arterial plaque and can it be reversed?
Bitters are the medicinal parts of plants. Eating bitters makes you stronger.
An analysis of the top causes of death by age. All due to parasites and toxicity?

How to make your own Autonosode homeopathics

Chemical detoxification requires 3 phases; oxidation, conjugation and excretion.
Superoxides, H202 and hydroxyl radicals cause aging. Learn what to do.
In the 22nd century aging may be curable.  What can we do to get there?

Audio Presentations