Portable Grounding Device 300v personal unit


Portable grounding device.

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We are designed to be in constant contact with the earth, continuously receiving electrons from it.  Depending on your location, the field on the planet is  100-150 volts per meter.  That means that if you six feet tall, there is a 200-300 volt differential between your feet and your head.  This creates a continuous flow of electrons from the earth up through your body.   Since It’s not realistic to be barefoot on the earth for most of our day, we offer our portable electron charger.  It delivers up to 300 volts (very low amperage so it’s safe) from a 9v battery so you can wear it on your body against your skin whenever you like.

If you take a 5g sensitive EMF meter out on a walk or drive, you will see that we are continually bombarded with very high levels of microwave radiation.  There is a principle in physics called Compton scattering.  It states that free electrons can deflect radiation. Can electrons protect us from 5G?  This is unknown, but if you are concerned about this aspect of the modern world, our portable electron charger may be useful.
Our standard plug-in  Electron Charger is too strong even on its lowest setting to be used while sleeping, but our portable charger can be used while you sleep if you like.

Install a 9v rechargable battery (you will need to recharge it frequently).  The electrons come out of the metal clip.  Simply place the unit on your belt or waistband with the metal touching your skin.  The metal MUST touch your skin to work. The dial controls the power level (25v -300v).  As long as you see the green led on, you’re getting electrons.  When the power level is low the led light will be orange and the battery should be replaced.  When it is red, the battery is dead.  You can also use the unit without a battery by powering it with the included USB cable.  Additionally, unlike the high power unit, this unit can be used while you are touching electronics (like your computer), so it can be used while working.  There is a port on the top of the unit that allows you to use this unit with a wrist or ankle bracelet.  I use this option is more comfortable while sleeping, or sitting (driving or working at my desk).  If you want to use that port, I recommend the WS-1037 wrist strap from www.staticsolutions.com

In Chinese Medicine, there is an energy field around the body called Wei Chi.  It is the first line of defense we have against bad external influences.  You can see it in Kirilian Photographs.  Wei Chi is connected to the static electric (electron) field around the body.  Our portable charger may help boost your Wei Chi.

While the unit does come with a silicone ESD strap, I find it more comfortable to modify a blank watch as in the photo. 

     There are 2 ways to power the device, through a 9v battery and through the side port via 12v.  A rechargeable 9v battery will last a few hours so if you want to use the unit all day, I suggest the following.

Purchase a GoalZero Venture 35 portable USB battery pack:

a USB DC 5v to 12v  cable with 5.5m port.  Available on Amazon.  Be sure to get the one with the transformer box in the center of the cable, not in the usb.  Call if you are unsure.

If you want to use a wrist strap rather than the clip as per the photo in the tab, you will want the following:

A blank metal watch:


Remove the stem (the part that would change the time), drill it out to 3.5mm, then attach the banana plug through the new hole.

A strap: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H97N89S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1

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