Cholephage: Lipid exchange protocol (liposomal)


Liposomal bile supplement.

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In a healthy body, small amounts of bile enter the bloodstream where it acts as a natural ‘detergent’ to rancid fat in the arteries.  Rendering this rancid fat water soluble allows it to be urinated out and replaced with healthy fats.  If there are metal toxins in the body, they hydrogenate the lipids of the body into trans fatty acids (think Crisco) and cause cholesterol to crystallize where its sharp edges pierce cells from the inside causing inflammation and damage.  In this case, the natural amount of bile in the bloodstream may be insufficient.  Cholephage may support the body in increasing bloodstream bile.

As we age, the lipids in our cells membranes age too.  Bile may support the exchange of old lipids for fresh healthy lipids.

Ingredients: Sodium Deoxycholate (bile salt), sunflower lecithin, MCT, phosphatidyl choline, ethanol, glycerine, plant cellulose, candellia wax and purified water. 60 capsules.


Dosage:  6 capsules contains the equivalent amount of sodium deoxycholate as a traditional Plaquex I.V.   

For optimal results, take with 1/2 teaspoon of phosphatidyl choline (preferably liposomal).

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