Zoiben: Parasite, Candidia and Biofilm Detox


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Parasites and their eggs are in the foods we eat and the water we drink. We do not live in a sterile environment and never will. Animals, (that includes us), do not have good anti-parasitic defenses. Plants however have excellent anti-parasitic defenses. Because of this, animals have learned to seek out and eat bitter and aromatic plants that are anti-parasitic in order to rid themselves of parasitic infections. Zoiben contains 8 different essential oils known for their effects on parasites and lack of toxicity to us.



Fungi & Yeast

fungussmall Fungi are also parasitic.  They live on the same food sources as parasites (glutamine and sugar) and have the same weaknesses.  If you have a white coating on your tongue, that is candida.   Every bite of food we eat that is not right out of the oven or frying pan has millions of candida spores on it waiting for the right environment to grow in.




90% of all infections are biofilm infections.  Biofilms have transport systems for food, water, create nanowires that act like a microbial nervous system, have tiny appendages called pili that they use to attach to our tissues and send up giant towers with fruiting bodies that launch pieces of itself off to start  new biofilms  elsewhere in our bodies.  White blood cells get stuck in biofilm so our immune system can’t fight them.  Once in a biofilm, it takes a 5000X greater concentration of antibiotics to kill an infection.  Biofilms are worthy adversaries but they do have a weak spot…



Food Cravings

Parasites (as well as biofilms, candida and pathological cells) are simple, relying on the amino acids glutamine and glutamate to construct themselves and sugar for energy. Glutamate is savory and sugar is sweet. Parasites manipulate our brains into making us crave what feeds them and dislike what kills them. This is why we crave sweet and savory foods but dislike bitter foods. While limiting glutamate (msg, soy sauce…) and sugar is a good idea we cannot completely eliminate sugar or glutamine since our bodies produce them internally.   A decrease in the desire for sweet and savory foods is an excellent indication that Zoiben is working for you.


Mood Disorders

Parasites affect the brains of their hosts making them engage in behaviors that increase their transmission. If a parasite has evolved to affect a specific animal in a certain way and we become exposed to it, it can have bizarre effects on our moods. It is a sobering thought to think that many of the people suffering from what they believe are mood disorders are in fact dealing with a parasitic infection.



Detox reactions

Parasites range from microscopic to several feet long and all sizes in between.  Not all parasites live in the intestines.  Some prefer the liver, others the skin.  Many like nerve tissue such as the spinal cord and brain where they can exert the most control over our behaviors.  As such, when parasites leave the body, you may see small bumps appear on the skin over the organ that they are now leaving.  Little dots along the spine are an example.



 Days 1-5: 1 teaspoon Zoiben mixed with 4 teaspoons of sesame oil swished around the teeth for two minutes every other day for 5 days (3 applications)  Spit out when done.  Do not swallow.  This is also called oil pulling.  If you have no negative reactions, you can continue.

Days 6-10 2 teaspoons mixed in a cup of yogurt (any oil based food) per 150 pounds bodyweight every other day for 5 days (3 applications).   Zoiben should not be taken orally undiluted.  If you have no negative reactions, you can continue.

Day 11-21:  1/4 teaspoon rubbed into each foot every other day for 10 days (6 applications).  Begin probiotics.

This protocol may be repeated every six months.  Shake well before using.  Keep in a cool and dark location.

Ingredients:  A proprietary blend of steam distilled frankincense, myrrh and pine resins, organic ginger oil, organic clove oil, organic oregano oil and organic cinnamon oil, and Vit E in a base of organic castor oil.

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