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If we live long enough, there are certain indignities that we will experience. Our hair will turn grey, getting thinner and thinner until it disappears completely. Our skin will thin, sag and wrinkle…and for men, erections will become weaker and weaker until they are no longer possible at all. Scientists now tell us that this is due to an increase in free radical formation in the body and a decrease in the production of the antioxidants we use to neutralize them. Rejuvelon supports the three main antioxidant systems of the body and may support healthy aging and regeneration.

Ingredients: Catalase 75,000 IU, superoxide dismutase 1,000 IU, melatonin 3mg, magnesium di-potassium EDTA 20 mg and organic cocoa butter.

Please Take Note: Approximately 1 out of 200 people is sensitive to melatonin. Symptoms include headaches and night sweats. If you find yourself experiencing any side effects from Rejuvelon other than fatigue (which is normal and supports proper sleeping), please discontinue use and let us know and we will refund you.

Hair Color

grey-hairIn 2009 European scientists1 discovered that it is an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle that causes hair to turn gray. We literally bleach our hair from the inside out. Our body makes hydrogen peroxide to fight infections, detoxify chemicals and other toxins, and simply as a result of aging. Catalase, the enzyme antioxidant that turns hydrogen peroxide into harmless water and oxygen may support natural hair color. While gray hair may simply be a cosmetic issue, this same hydrogen peroxide in the body can also bleach our DNA and other tissues causing many of the symptoms of aging. Since catalase does not survive digestion, we’ve put it into a suppository.

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Hair Thickness

hair-lossIn 2016 a study1 confirmed that hair loss can be caused by a buildup of the free radical superoxide (O2-) in the hair follicle. As superoxide levels increase, hair can become thinner and thinner until it disappears completely. Superoxide dismutase, the enzyme antioxidant which turns the superoxide molecule back into normal oxygen has been posed as a way to support hair re-growth. While hair loss may simply be a cosmetic issue, the same superoxide free radical that can cause hair to fall out can also create hydrogen peroxide, peroxynitrite and the highly damaging hydroxyl free radical, which can cause more serious problems.

1- J Med Life. 2016 Jan-Mar;9(1):79-83. Oxidative stress in androgenetic alopecia.

Skin Health

wrinklesA 1992 study1 confirmed that the free radical superoxide can fragment and cross-link collagen causing the familiar thinning, sagging and wrinkling of aging skin. We now know that superoxide radicals and the free radicals it can create can react with and damage every component of skin including hylauronic acid and elastin. Superoxide dismutase, the antioxidant enzyme which turns the superoxide molecule back into normal oxygen has been posed as a way to support healthy skin. Additionally, in 2000 a paper suggested that the antioxidant melatonin may be able to reverse the cross-linking found in wrinkles2. While wrinkles may be simply a cosmetic issue, ‘wrinkling’ of other more vital proteins like our DNA is associated with other more serious kinds of aging such as cataracts.

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Male Vigor

erectile Nitric oxide is required for erections but the free radical superoxide lowers nitric oxide levels by turning it into the toxin peroxynitrite1 Increasing levels of superoxide dismutase has been suggested2 by scientists a way to support the body in having youthful erections. While nitric oxide is required to start erections, the maintaining of an erection is supported by different pathways. We are currently researching a product that will support all aspects of strong erections for those that are interested.

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Better Sleep

One of the main purposes of sleep is to allow our brains regenerate. Studies show that sleep deprivation lowers levels of superoxide and melatonin in the brain which cause fatigue, irritability and a build up of tissue damage. Supplementing with superoxide dismutase and melatonin not only may support rejuvenative sleep but may also help with the effects of lack of sleep.


UV radiation is classified as a “complete carcinogen” because it has properties of both a tumor initiator and a tumor promoter. While a mild sunburn may only cause skin pain and fatigue, more severe sunburns can cause nausea, fever and chills. A sunburn is usually the most intense free radical damage we are exposed to in day to day life and creates all three of the most powerful reactive oxygen species; superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. Since superoxide dismutase, catalase and melatonin quench superoxides, hydrogen peroxide and melatonin respectively, Rejuvelon may support the body in healing after intense sun exposure.

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