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Receptimet: Hydrocarbon Receptor Detox – Due July 21


Hydrocarbon receptor detox.

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The aryl hydrocarbon receptors (AhR) are meant to bind to short chain fatty acids (SCFAs).  When this happens, we have good health.  Unfortunately, they can also bind to chemical carcinogens, aflatoxins, viral, toxic bacterial and parasitic metabolites.  When this happens, we may have poor health.  Some chemicals like dioxin have a 5 day half life in the cell and 7 year half life in the body and bind very strongly.  Indigo Naturalis contains a substance that may be able to do displace even the strongest of toxic Ahr poisons (ligands).

Improperly activated AhR receptors may lead to feral tissue in the body.  In dealing with feral tissue, consider cleaning off the receptors as part of your protocol

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Indigo Naturalis extracts, glucuronolactone and glutathione in a liposomal base..

Basic detox directions:  1 capsule per 150 pounds bodyweight once day with Xeneplex.

Acute detox directions: Consider 1 capsule per 150 pounds body weight every 8 hours for 10 days, then reassess.