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Bicarbamet: Metabolic acid detox – Due July 21st


Metabolic acid detox.

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Metabolism continuously makes acids (H+ and CO2).  CO2 can be exhaled, but H+ must either be turned into CO2 by adding bicarbonate or excreted out the urine via phosphate and glutamine/ammonium pathways.   Since unwanted growths consume both phosphate and glutamine, it may be preferable to use the bicarbonate pathway to remove metabolic acids.

When the body becomes overly acidic, it can rob calcium and phosphate from the bones (which are made from calcium phosphate), to help the kidneys remove acids.  This can lead to bone loss.  Recharging the body’s bicarbonate stores may support better bone and tooth health.

The salivary glands, stomach and pancrease all secrete bicarbonate.  Healthy bicarbonate levels are required for good gut health.  If you’ve watched our Phylamet video (you should), then you may be asking why we are adding alkaline elements to our digestive tract when most of us have acidic stool.  1/2 a tsp of bicarbonate is expected to be fully absorbed by the gut long before it would alkalinize the stool.  For a dosage of 1 tsp however, you should check your stool pH to see if you are absorbing all the Bicarbamet before it reaches the colon.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of aluminum free food grade sodium and potassium bicarbonates and magnesium and calcium acetates.

Directions:  Start with one capsule per meal and monitor saliva pH.

Increase until morning saliva pH is 6.8 or to a maximum of 4 capsules per meal.  Do not exceed 4 capsules  per meal without medical supervision.  If stool pH becomes more alkaline, take with Pokegeshi Microbiome Reset.