The cost is $80 per consultation (20 minutes) and the payment link is on the bottom of our home page.  Please contact us and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.   To make the most of our time, please have answers to the following ready

1- Did you have a normal or complicated birth?  Twins, Caesarian, mid forceps, very long delivery, premature?

2- Were you breast fed?  If so, for how long?

3- Have you taken Cipro (or other fluroquinlone) antibiotics or accutane?  Have you taken antibiotics for extended periods of time?

4- How many times do you need to wipe with toilet paper after defecating?

5- Have you ever been vegan or vegetarian, and if so, for how long?

6 – Do you have a history of eating a lot of predator fish (tuna, swordfish…)?

7- Do you grind your teeth at night?

8- Are you on a fad diet (OMAD, carnivore, raw food…)?

9- Do you have any root canals, dead teeth, dental abscesses or chronic sinus infections?

10- What makes your condition better?  What makes it worse?

11- Do you snore?  Do you wake refreshed?

12- Have you ever had a serious head injury?

13- How many hours do you spend sitting down?

14- Have you ever had cancer

15- If you are a man, how often do you ejaculate?

16- If you are female, have you ever used a copper IUD?

17- Does your problem get better if you spend time away from home?

18- Do you cook with propane or natural gas in your home?

19-  Have you ever had an MRI with contrast agent?

20- Do you have any hair, stool, urine or blood tests you can share?  CO2, albumin, BUN/Creatinine?

21- How often do you exercise

22- Have you used well water for any extended times

23- Do you have allergies?

24- Did you receive a COVID vaccine or boosters?

25- Do you spend a lot of time in chlorinated swimming pools?

26- Are you sensitive to chemicals?

27- Do you sleep near a wifi router?

28- What is your morning urine and saliva pH and your stool pH. Please check with 5.5-8 pH paper available online.  To test morning saliva, do not brush teeth and spit out some saliva to get fresh saliva to test.

29- How much sun do you get a day?

30 – Do you have a history of any kind of smoking or vaping?  Do you live in a polluted area, in a major city or by a busy road or highway?

31-Please check the following two points for sensitivity…


Put your thumb between your right big toe and the toe next to it.  Press firmly into the foot as you slide your thumb up between the bones until you reach the point on the top of the foot where the bones meet.  Dig around there for a painful spot.

Put your thumb between the pinky toe and the toe next to it on your right foot.  Press firmly as you slide your thumb up between the bones until you reach the top of the foot and the bones meet.  Dig around for a painful spot.