If you would like to book a 20 minute health consultation with Spencer, please call us at 888 456 4268 and we can set up a day and time.  The cost is $80 per consultation and the payment link is on the bottom of our home page.

     To make the most of our time, please have the following answers ready

1- Did you have a normal or complicated birth?  If complicated, in what way?

2- Were you breast fed?  If so, for how long?

3- Have you taken Cipro or other fluroquinlone antibiotics?  Have you taken broad spectrum antibiotics?

4- Have you ever had a serious case of food poisoning?

5- What surgeries have you had?

6- When did your condition begin?  Did something traumatic (physically or emotionally) happen just before?

7- What protocols have you already tried?  What makes it better?  What makes it worse?  What had no effect?

8- How much toilet paper do you need per bathroom visit?  Do you get bloated after meals?

9- Do you snore?  Do you wake refreshed?

10- Have you ever had a head injury

11- Have you ever been vegan or vegetarian, and if so, for how long?

12- Do you have a history of eating a lot of predator fish (tuna, swordfish…)? 

13- Have you travelled to third world countries? 

14- When relaxed, how many times do you breath per minute?

15- Do you exercise?

16- How many hours do you spend sitting down?

17- How much natural sun do you get a day?

18- Do you drink well water?

19- Do you have any swollen lymph nodes?

20- If you have any hair, stool or blood tests, please have them available.