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At a physical level, the thymus is the endocrine gland associated with immune function. At the spiritual level, it is associated with the fourth chakra, compassion and love.  Vaccinations can damage the thymus gland.  Supplemental thymus peptides may support both the physiological and the spiritual aspects of this important endocrine gland.
At a physiological level, the pineal gland is associated with the regulation of sleep and the production of melatonin and DMT. It is a literal vestigial eye with a lens in the center of our brains. The optic nerve passes directly below it so activation of the pineal can create as sense of ‘inner illumination’. At the spiritual level, it is called the third eye and is associated with connecting to the divine realms.  Fluoride and bromide damage the pineal gland . Supplementary pineal peptides may support healthy pineal function and access to more subtle states of consciousness
Oxytocin is the neurochemical associated with trust, bonding, forgiveness, compassion, confidence and connection to other people. In a perfect world, we have safe easy births and a trauma free childhood. This leads to normal levels of oxytocin and oxytocin receptors and sense of peace and love. In an imperfect world, trauma is stored in the amygdala and oxytocin production and receptor levels decrease. Unlike any other known neurochemical, supplementing with oxytocin may increase receptor levels. It does not downregulate. Supplemental oxytocin may support a person moving through grief or addiction as well as offer opportunities for self discovery and improved interpersonal communication.
A healthy thymus and pineal can help us experience compassion and divine guidance. The pineal has been considered a kind of antenna to the spiritual realms and meditation likened to ‘tuning’ ourselves to higher frequencies. It can be more difficult to tune our ‘radio’ if our ‘antenna’ is damaged.  Vaccines and fluoridation damage these vital glands and are in a sense a ‘spiritual castration’.
Satori is a subtle aid to accessing the spiritual realm. It is best taken before meditation or when you can be in nature. For those on a cultivation path, you may wish to consider our sister site
Many people come to meditation late in life. Rejuvenating the pineal and thymus may also have anti-aging benefits. For those on a path of inner cultivation, an extra decade provides more time for spiritual growth.
Ingredients: A proprietary blend of oxytocin, thymulin, epitalon, msm and salt.
Directions: Remove capsule from bottle, carefully open capsule over small piece of folded paper and empty 1/2 of the capsule contents onto the paper and keep the other 1/2 of the capsule in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator.  Put the powder into bottle and fill to neck of bottle with distilled water . Shake well before using. If refrigerated, Satori will last 12 months in a dry state or 3 months once reconstituted in water.  Use the second 1/2 of the capsule when the first bottle is done.


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