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We humans (along with a few other animals) have a mutated gulonolactone oxidase gene which means we have lost the ability to make our own Vitamin C.  While we partially make up for this genetic flaw by having an outstanding Vitamin C recycling system (200x more than other animals), Vitamin C is water soluble and so must be taken daily for optimal health.   Heart disease only appears in animals that lack the Vitamin C producing gene.
With proper negative electrical charge (Zeta Potential), our blood remains uncoagulated and our blood vessels have the ability to electrically repel blood constituents, a kind of electrical ‘non-stick’ coating.  Municipal water, food additives and other modern inventions create a positive charge in our blood.  This causes blood to coagulate (crystalize) and robs the vessels of their electrical ‘non-stick’ function.  Every place where a blood vessel branches (and there are millions of branches), blood becomes turbulent.  Turbulent blood, full of crystals, swirls against blood vessels now robbed of their non-stick protection.  This erosion causes fraying of the vessel tissue and leads to plaque formation.  Potassium Citrate may help recover proper zeta potential.
Once a vessel wall is damaged, the body puts on a kind of glue (apolipoprotein) to protect against hemorrhage.  This is a great short term solution as it keeps us from hemorrhaging.  Long term however, this creates more turbulence, which then causes more damage in vicious cycle.   Lysine may be able to attach to the frayed ends of the vascular fabric, thus bypassing this process.
One of the dangers of plaque is when it is unstable/vulnerable.  If a piece of plaque ruptures, then a clot can enter the bloodstream and cause a stroke or other problems.  Gotu Kola may support stabilizing plaque that has already formed.
Ingredients: A proprietary blend of ascorbic acid, potassium citrate, lysine, citrulline, arginine, vitamin D3, chondroitin sulfate, gotu kola, nattokinase and tri-calcium phosphate.

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While the nattokinase in Rubeplex may be helpful, in advanced cases, suppository serrapeptase may be considered.
While Rubeplex is designed to be a stand alone product, initially, especially in those with advanced situations, EDTA may be considered.  EDTA has a -4 charge so it is more powerful at restoring Zeta potential than Potassium Citrate.  EDTA may also support proper calcium levels.