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For those of us that want more help getting to a high oxytocin state, opening our hearts and experiencing the love, forgiveness, wisdom and gratitude that oxytocin can give us, we offer nasal oxytocin spray. 3000 IU/10 ml


Whether you have been to war or just had a difficult childhood, stress leaves its mark in our psyches and in our brains. Specifically in the amygdala, two small almond shaped organs in the brain. If you have trouble trusting people and feeling safe in the world oxytocin may support ‘clearing’ trauma from the amygdala and giving you a fresh view of the world. Some people consider a few months of oxytocin more powerful for growth than years of talk therapy.

Relationship support

Relationships go thru a predictable neurochemical cycle. We start with phenylethylamine (infatuation) which lasts 3-6 months. Next we shift into oxytocin (deep affection and family bonding). For many couples, oxytocin wears off in about two years at which time cortisol (stress) and prolactin (hopelessness) can become the primary neurochemicals leading to relationship dissatisfaction. Supplemental oxytocin may help regain feelings of connection and affection in stressed relationships. For more information see The Four Gifts at www.spiritualsecretagent.com


Oxytocin can have powerful effects on our self perception and other’s perception of us. In the primate world 20% of the day is spent grooming (touching). Only 2% of the time is necessary for hygiene, the rest is to stimulate oxytocin. The most alpha (popular and powerful) primates get the most grooming and so the most oxytocin. Raising our oxytocin levels tricks our primate brains into thinking we’ve been groomed all day and therefore we must be popular and powerful too. This increases our confidence. Other primates (humans) can sense our high oxytocin levels as well and will treat us as leaders with high social value.

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