Graphene oxide and SPIONs (super paramagnetic iron oxide particles) may be in certain injections.  Being paramagnetic, they may be attracted to a powerful magnetic field.  Trapping graphene oxide and SPIONs (and any RNA or other unwanted biological agents bonded to them) at an injection site may support the body in having sufficient time to deal with certain toxins before migration into general circulation.

Graphene / SPION Trap


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Graphene oxide is a nano-technology material that is nearly a room temperature superconductor.  It can form sheets, rods, tubes, has an affinity for electrically active tissue (heart, brain and nerves) and passes the blood brain barrier.  It is made out of carbon which has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons (6,6,6) combined with oxygen.

Graphene has been used to increase the entry of foreign substances into cells (magnetofection).  It has also been proposed by the trans-humanist movement to allow for computer – human interfaces.

Graphene oxide (GO) binds to hemoglobin,  has been associated with blood clots, causes leaks in the blood brain barrier, damages brain tissue, nerves and DNA.  Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) accumulates in and damages the thalamus and hippocampus.

SPIONs are superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles that have been used to increase delivery of substances into a cell via a process called magneto-fection.  Unfortunately, they may also be attracted to the pineal gland.

Graphene and hydrogels may crystallize in a magnetic field.  As such, it is possible that the graphene trap may cause graphene at the injection site to temporarily or permanently crystallize.    While we believe it would be better to have graphene crystallize at the injection site than in the brain, it is possible that there could be temporary or permanent side effects at the site of injection from induced crystallization.  We will continue to research ways to remove crystallized graphene but at this time, it is an unknown.    Also, due to it’s extreme magnetism, the graphene trap must be kept away from implanted medical devices including metal stints

The image shows two test tube vials filled with graphene oxide solution.  The vial on the left had one tablet of calcium hypochlorite added to it.  Within minutes, the graphene began to degrade.


Warning:  This is a VERY powerful magnet.  It can damage electronics and cause physical injury if you get pinched between it and metal.  It can also shatter if dropped, or snaps onto another magnet or piece of metal.

Important: Have the injection as low on the arm as possible as this will make wrapping the site easier.  Also, you must DEMAND that the needle be aspirated.  That is, you must make sure that the needle is in soft tissue, not a blood vessel.  In the unlikely event that the needle goes into a blood vessel, it can have disastrous results.  To aspirate, the plunger must be pulled back a small amount.  If any blood goes into the syringe, it is in a blood vessel, and you must DEMAND the needle be reinserted before any material is injected.

Directions:  Treat an injection of toxins like a snakebite.  As soon as possible (minutes matter) use a mild compression bandage to slow lymphatic flow.  Next,  tape the Graphene trap directly over injection site.  Place the arm in a sling and stay as calm as possible.  The less movement the slower the migration of toxins out of the shoulder into the internal organs.

The following is not medical advice.  We are not physicians.  They are only a theoretic ideas to consider.

Consider the effect of 1mg/kg body weight calcium hypochlorite in a capsule with a glass of water.  Jim Humble of MMS2 fame suggests every 2 hours for 12 hours a day.   How long this may be useful is unknown at this point.  Consider a 3 day minimum followed by less frequent applications over the course of a month.  Calcium hypochlorite will turn into hypochlorous acid which is the only substance that has any scientific studies that I could find showing an ability to degrade graphene.   Reducing agents such as NAC and Glutathione may only serve to turn graphene oxide (GO) into reduced graphene oxide (rGO) which in mice accumulates in the thalamus and hippocampus.  Thus rGO may be more damaging than GO. sells it in tablets.  A bulk source is JJchemicals at amazon.

Water MUST be used at the same time.  A capsule that sticks in the esophagus or throat MUST be moved into the stomach by drinking water and thumping the chest.

Consider EDTA chelation to support the body in removing SPIONs (superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles).

Consider quercetin to support the body in temporary suppression of reverse transcriptase.  Kaul, T.N., Middleton E., & Ogra P.L. Antiviral effects of flavonoids on human viruses J Med Virol, 15: 71-79, 1985

This protocol is something to consider immediately after a vaccination.  For post vaccination, consider our homeopathics and Regenemin.  

For spike protein triggered autoimmune reactions, consider that lysine residues are active sites on spike proteins.  Consider that Alpha Lipoic Acid, arabinose and biotin may bind to lysine residues.  Consider the Beta Hydroxybutyrate may shear spike proteins from cell membranes.


You may wish to consider these as well…


Regenemin may support the body in protecting DNA from being altered by unwanted RNA.


Homeopathic Glycoprotein may support the body in having a balanced immune response to rogue glycoproteins made by unwanted RNA.


Homeopathic Graphene Oxide 6c may support the body in detoxifying graphene oxide.