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How is Spencer’s Knowledge Different From Other Experts on the Same Subject?

Most people in the medical field fall into one of two categories. Either they work in a clinic with little time left over for research and continuing education, or they spend their time doing research in a lab, with little real world clinical experience. With over 20 years of formulating and manufacturing products for alternative doctors around the world, Spencer has the real world experience to know what it really takes to get listeners healthy in today’s toxic world.

Potential topics we can talk about

While we can speak on a wide range of topics, we feel that the following four are most relevant to today’s listeners:

  • Detoxification: How to detox from chemical and heavy metal exposure. What it really takes to get the toxins and metals out.
  • Cancer: How and why cancer forms in the body, and protocols that may help.
  • Heart Disease:  How and why heart disease forms in the body, and protocols that may help.
  • Old school remedies: Coffee enemas, liver gallbladder flushes and bitters.Are the old time remedies still relevant today?

How Can We Benefit Your Audience?

Today’s listeners want to learn and get tools they can use… and we deliver. Our talks are fun to listen to, educational and give practical advice on what to do. While we do talk about relevant products, our focus is on teaching not selling, and it shows. We’ll spend an hour educating your audience for every minute we spend talking about products.

With so many options, people can get confused about how to improve their health. They focus on less important issues and let the big drivers of health and disease go un-managed. We give your audience the knowledge they need to make intelligent decisions about how to improve their health.

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